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Facing a Divorce with Children in Virtual School?

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Family Law Attorney Nathan Hatton Offers Some Steps to Take

As a family law attorney, I am sometimes asked what steps a parent with children in virtual school should take during a divorce.

  • Make sure both parents are signed up to receive notices from teachers. Taking this step is particularly important if one spouse used to handle all (or nearly all) the communication with the school and with teachers.
  • Reach out to teachers. Be proactive, especially if you have historically relied on your spouse. Let your children’s teachers know you want to hear from them. Consider telling teachers you are getting a divorce so that they can watch for any changes in your children’s behavior or performance.
  • Know how to use the parent or student portal. Whether your child’s school uses Google classroom or some other online learning platform, you should know how to log in to see your child’s progress. If there is not a parent log in, be certain that both you and your former spouse can log in to the student portal. Don’t rely on your child to tell you about homework. Log in and get a sense of what needs to be done during your time. 
  • Take inventory. When you are picking up your child, make sure he or she has any books and materials needed to complete assignments. When you are dropping off, double check that nothing needed for the upcoming week has been left behind. 
  • Make passing the baton a regular part of the drop off ritual. Be sure to tell your former spouse what schoolwork has been completed during your time with your children and which assignments remain to be done so that he or she can easily pick up where you left off.
  • Anticipate possible quarantine. If your student gets Covid and is quarantined, it may be best that he or she not travel between households. Follow your doctor’s advice and common sense.

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