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Social Media Implications on Divorce Cases

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Lawyers and divorcees blame social media for inciting an increase in divorces over the last decade and a half. Although social media networks alone aren’t the cause for divorce, they are the catalyst for problems that arise from consistent use: infidelity, greed, jealousy, and addiction. Unfortunately, these problems aren’t going anywhere. Social media users have more than tripled in number in the last decade.

Getting off social media is not a viable solution for most people. Still, if you’re going through a divorce, whether or not social media is the reason for it, you must understand the implications of your online presence.

What’s the Connection Between Social Media and Divorce?

Most people use their social media accounts to share memories and exciting moments in life. But many people also use it to vent about work and spouses. When going through the divorce process, you must be careful about what you post. More than likely, the opposing team of divorce attorneys is looking at your online presence to find anything that can swing the court in their favor–especially for child custody.

One of the most dangerous things is to post pictures of yourself in potentially compromising situations. Your spouse could attempt to use the post to show how you’re potentially irresponsible, reckless, and not fit for child custody.

The Do’s and Dont’s Of Social Media

As long as your social media posts aren’t breaking laws, there’s nothing legally stopping you from sharing. However, some best practices can help you avoid conflict and make your divorce process smoother.


  • Stop using social media throughout the divorce process.
  • If you’re staying on social media, only post positive images and quotes.
  • Change privacy settings on all social media sites.
  • Sift through your friends to determine if there is anyone you may need to block
  • Ask other family members not to tag you in photos.
  • Google yourself to learn what information about you is on the inter
  • Monitor your child(ren) ’s social media account.


  • Rant about your case or your ex–this is what the lawyers are looking for when they review your social media accounts.
  • Change your relationship status.
  • Post intimate pictures, videos, and status updates.


Going through a divorce is already stressful enough. Don’t let social media make it worse. The best thing you can do is speak with your divorce attorney and follow their advice. Every social media post can increase conflict and extend the process. Be careful about what you post online.

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