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What Are My Options In A Child Custody Battle?

Parents going through a separation or divorce often focus on their children as one of their main concerns. These situations can be highly disruptive for both parents and children, and parents will want to make sure their children's needs will be met going forward. At the same time, one or both parents may be concerned about their ability to maintain important relationships with their children and be closely involved in their children's lives. By addressing issues related to child custody correctly, parents can make sure they will be able to move forward successfully following a divorce or breakup and help their children cope with this difficult situation.

During a child custody case, it is important to work with a lawyer who has the experience to make sure your parental rights and your children's best interests are protected. The attorneys at Hatton & Hatton, PLLC know that it is important to address legal issues the right way in family law cases. We are dedicated to helping you find solutions that will ensure that you can continue to play an important role in raising your children while minimizing conflict between parents and providing for your family's financial needs. We can help you overcome the challenges you may face when dealing with family law issues while preserving your right to be as involved in your children's lives as possible.

Addressing Conservatorship and Other Child Issues

One of the primary issues that will need to be addressed in a child custody case is how conservatorship of children will be handled. Conservatorship is also known as "legal custody," and it addresses the right to be involved in decisions about children's health and medical care, their education, and matters related to their general welfare. A parent who is appointed as a conservator will have the right to access children's medical and educational records, be informed about issues related to their health and welfare, consult with teachers or school officials, attend children's activities, and consent to emergency medical care. In most cases, parents will both be named conservators of their children, which is known as "joint managing conservatorship."

In addition to conservatorship, parents will need to determine how they will share physical custody of their children, which is known as "possession and access" in Texas. In general, children will live with one parent most of the time, and that parent will have primary physical custody, along with the right to decide on the location of children's primary residence. However, restrictions may apply on where the primary custodial parent can live, and the other parent will typically have the right to regular, reasonable visitation time. The custodial parent will usually receive child support from the other parent, and these payments are calculated by taking a percentage of the paying parent's income based on the number of children being supported.

To ensure that you will be able to address issues related to child custody correctly both during your divorce or family law case and in the years to come, our lawyers can help you create a parenting agreement that will meet your needs. We can also help you determine how to approach requests for modification of child custody, including requests for modification of primary in situations where a custodial parent wishes to relocate to a home in a new city or state with their children.

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Determining the best ways to handle child custody arrangements can be a complex matter. Whether you generally agree with the other parent about child-related issues or have encountered conflict and are concerned about protecting your parental rights, you will need a strong lawyer on your side who can advocate for solutions that are in your children's best interests. To get the legal help you need in these situations, contact Hatton & Hatton, PLLC at 817-349-8120 and arrange a complimentary consultation today.

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