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Fort Worth Parenting Agreements Attorney

What Are Parenting Agreements?

When parents split up, either through a divorce or the separation of an unmarried couple, they will need to address multiple issues related to child custody. The decisions they make can be very consequential, since they will affect many aspects of the lives of the parents, their children, and other family members. While parents may disagree about some issues related to their children, it is often in the best interests of their family for them to work together to make decisions about how child custody will be addressed both immediately and in the future. By negotiating a parenting agreement rather than resolving disputes in the courtroom, parents can save a great deal of time and money while also reducing emotional distress for them and their children and ensuring that they will be prepared to work together to raise their children in the future.

When working to create a parenting agreement, parents can protect their rights by receiving assistance from a family law attorney. The lawyers of Hatton & Hatton, PLLC understand the legal issues that will need to be addressed in these agreements, and we can help our clients address and resolve any disputes they may encounter. We can provide invaluable help during the negotiation process, ensuring that the terms of a parenting agreement will provide for children's best interests while allowing parents to maintain a consistent level of involvement in their children's lives.

Requirements for a Parenting Plan

A parenting plan is a court order that will fully detail the rights and obligations of both parents regarding their children. The plan will specify how conservatorship will be handled, including each parent's right to be involved in making decisions about important issues related to how their children will be raised. It will also include a visitation schedule that details when children will live in each parent's home or spend time in their care, including addressing transportation arrangements or other rules that may apply during a parent's visitation time. The court will also put child support orders in place to make sure both parents are contributing toward their children's ongoing financial needs.

Parents can negotiate an agreed parenting plan and file it in court during their divorce or child custody case. In these cases, a parenting plan must meet the following requirements:

  • The plan must allocate all rights and duties regarding legal and physical custody between the parents. These rights may be allocated jointly or independently as appropriate.
  • Whether parents will share joint managing conservatorship or one parent will be the sole conservator, the plan must designate one parent as the conservator who has the exclusive right to decide where children will primarily reside. In most cases, this designation will place geographic restrictions on where children's primary residence may be located, such as by requiring the parent to live in a certain county or region.
  • Each parent's rights and duties regarding physical care of children and other daily needs must be specified.
  • The plan should make an effort to minimize disruptions to children's lives, including their education, their regular routines, and their relationships with friends.
  • The parents must voluntarily agree to the terms of the agreement.
  • The decisions made in the plan must be in the children's best interests.

Contact Our Fort Worth Parenting Plan Lawyers

In addition to helping parents negotiate parenting agreements and create legally sound parenting plans, we can also assist with modifications to these agreements should the need arise in the future. We can help parents update terms related to legal or physical child custody based on changes in their lives, and if necessary, we can provide assistance in situations where the modification of the right to designate children's primary residence may be appropriate. To get assistance with matters related to child custody and parenting agreements, contact our office and set up a free consultation by calling 817-349-8120.

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