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Practice Areas

For most people, understanding and responding to legal issues can be a daunting prospect. Those who do not have experience addressing legal matters can easily become overwhelmed as they struggle to determine how different laws apply to them, what procedures they will need to follow, and how they will be affected by the outcome of a case. When these matters affect family relationships, a situation can become even more stressful. If you need to address concerns related to family law, you may worry that if you do not take the correct steps, multiple areas of your life may be affected, including your financial stability, your parental rights, and your living situation. To make sure these matters will be handled the right way, it is crucial to obtain representation from an attorney who can provide compassionate and dedicated legal guidance.

Hatton & Hatton, PLLC offers strong and effective legal help to individuals and families. We know how hard it can be to address legal issues while also going through major life changes, and we can provide the support you need during this difficult time. Whether you are facing the end of your marriage, are concerned about your ability to maintain positive relationships with your children, need to protect your interests in matters related to financial support, or are looking to address any other legal issues that may affect your family, we are here to help. We will work closely with you during the entirety of your case, advising you on the best steps you can take to resolve disputes effectively and achieve an outcome that will allow you and your family to move forward to a better future.

Skilled Divorce Representation

Legally dissolving a marriage can often be a complex process, and it can become even more difficult if spouses need to address and resolve disputes related to their finances, their children, and other aspects of their lives. We can provide legal representation to people going through the divorce process, including both contested and uncontested cases. We provide guidance to help address issues such as property division and spousal support, and we can help spouses determine how to handle the complex financial concerns involved in a high net worth divorce. Whether you are able to work together with your spouse to negotiate a divorce settlement or expect to encounter contentious disputes, we can help you take the right steps to achieve your goals and move forward after the end of your marriage.

Assistance With Child Custody Issues

For spouses who are going through a divorce or parents who are unmarried, child custody can be a significant concern. Parents will want to make sure they will be able to maintain good relationships with their children, be closely involved in decisions about child-rearing, and make arrangements for providing for children's ongoing needs. We can work with you to negotiate parenting agreements that fully address all issues related to the legal custody of your children while also ensuring that your children will have sufficient visitation time with each parent. We can also help you determine how to address modifications to child custody when necessary, including situations involving the modification of the right to determine children's primary residence. Our goal is to help you find solutions that will allow you to meet your family's needs and provide for your children's best interests.

Legal Help With Other Family Law Issues

We can also assist with a variety of other family law issues that may affect parents, children, or others. We work with parents in adoption cases to ensure that they can meet all requirements to become the legal parents of adoptive children. We also help couples create prenuptial and postnuptial agreements that will protect their financial interests and help avoid conflict if they choose to separate or divorce in the future.

Contact Our Tarrant County Family Law Attorneys

If you have questions about the best ways to address different family law issues, or if you are looking for effective legal representation as you work to end your marriage or resolve matters related to child custody, our lawyers are prepared to work closely with you throughout the legal process. To set up a free consultation and learn more about our legal services, contact our office at 817-349-8120.

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